Upstate SC Greens Meeting Minutes, 7/21


Upstate Greens Meeting Minutes

Thursday, 7/21/16

Java Jolt, Mauldin


  • Sign-in. 7 Greens in attendance.


  • Handout: Mike prepared handout with minutes from last meeting. Highlights from Mike and Jessica’s attendance in Athens, GA for Dr. Stein’s talk, as well as info on Citizens Climate Lobby and how to join SCGP. It was mentioned that GP dues are important for the party on a state and national level due to tiny operating budgets, and attending Greens were urged to pay dues when and if possible.


  • Update on a possible table at Pride: Gregg will follow up with his connections and forward info to Mike/Jessica. May be able to get an inexpensive table since we are not actually vendors.


  • National GP Convention talking points for Upstate Greens: How can we take international concepts and apply them locally? Example from Gregg: try to get free tuition for a necessary program at G-Tech or USC-Upstate. Mike and Jessica will bring back info from National Convention to share at next meeting.


  • Can we volunteer locally? John Herold’s idea of GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail cleanup/getting our name on trail somehow. Blueway on the Saluda was also mentioned. Jessica will research these items and see if there are any other local environmental volunteer opportunities.


  • Glass recycling: Mike will continue to investigate how we can get involved with any local effort for this in the absence of Greenville County’s glass recycling program.


  • Drinking Liberally: Spartanburg — Tuesdays at 6:30, NuWay, Spartanburg. Greenville — IPA, Thursdays at 6.


  • Green Party ballot in November in SC: Jill Stein for president; Thomas Dixon, fusion candidate for U.S. Senate.


  • Thomas Dixon visit to Upstate: Gregg is planning. Late August. Stay tuned for more details.


  • Getting Greens on the local ballot: Gregg mentioned school board seat; soil and water commission. Mike will do soil and water if seat is available. Jessica will research availability, process, deadlines, and level of involvement. UPDATE, 8:45 a.m. Friday, July 22: Gregg reports that filing deadline for Non-Partisan parties is August 15. Jessica will also see if any offices are available in adjoining counties (Pickens, Anderson, Spartanburg, Laurens).


  • Can we register people to vote? Angela suggested picking places locally and getting people registered. Jessica will check with county elections offices to see if this is a possibility and update accordingly. UPDATE, 8:45 a.m. Friday, July 22: Greenville county — one person can pick up 50 voter registration forms at a time. Must return all forms, filled out or unused. Jessica will check on any accompanying regulations; times/opportunities to register people forthcoming.


  • Concrete goals/actions: How can we be progressive on a personal, practical, achievable level? John mentioned that people who want to be involved may not know where to start. Ideas were discussed for making opportunities start at home in ways that are accessible to anyone. Book resources were mentioned. Social media would be a good way to communicate bits of this to those who get all of their info online.


  • Are there other Upstate events at which we can be seen? We have a tiny to non-existent operating budget, but we can show up with literature and a banner. Event suggestions were local festivals and weekly gatherings in upstate cities. Angela has a connection for printing. Jessica will be in touch once material designs are completed (before next meeting).


  • Next Upstate Greens meeting will be last week of August or first week of September (time/location TBD). Ed mentioned having a monthly scheduled meeting: updates on action items from minutes, National Convention, and any other items that arise. Thursdays were a good day for all to meet.


  • Don’t forget to look us up on social media for immediate updates and info!

Facebook: Upstate SC Green Party

Twitter and Instagram: UpstateGreensSC



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