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Platt case goes to the state supreme court

January 4, 2010

The Charleston Post and Courier is carrying story about Eugene Platt and his appeal to the South Carolina Supreme Court to protect his free speech rights, and the same rights for the South Carolina Green Party.

Platt had sought the Green Party and Working Families Party nomination in spring of 2008. He was nominated by both parties, and Platt’s nomination by the Democratic Party in a primary would seem to make his election all the more likely. South Carolina is one of the states which permit fusion voting.

However, when the Democratic Party primary was held, Anne Peterson Hutto won the nomination. The South Carolina Green Party assured Platt that he was their nominee, and the November election was expected to be a three way race.

The Democratic Party, in the form of Charleston County chair George Tempel, sued to keep Platt off the ballot. Platt had signed a pledge that he would not seek write-in votes nor seek nomination by petition should he lose the primary. Platt was represented by the Voting Rights Project of the American Civil Liberties Union. Despite the fact that Platt had not violated any of the actual terms of the pledge, as he was not seeking nomination by petition nor write-in votes, the court in Charleston ruled in favor of Tempel.

The state supreme court will hear oral arguments this Wednesday in Columbia. Several members of the South Carolina Green Party steering committee will be in attendance.


Greenville SC Greens to meet November 18th, 2009

November 11, 2009

The Greenville SC Greens will meet Wednesday, November 18th from 7 to 8 PM at The Open Book. Located at 110 South Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville, S. C. 29607, The Open Book is a local independent book store. The public is invited to attend. For a map and directions click here.

The Greenville Greens is a local chapter of the South Carolina Green Party. The South Carolina Green Party is a certified, ballot qualified political party in South Carolina, and is a state chapter of the Green Party of the United States.

To contact the Greenville Greens, please call 1-877-282-2236 toll free, or write us at

State Green Party Coordinating Committee to meet November 14th, 2009

November 11, 2009

The South Carolina Green Party Coordinating Committee will meet Saturday, November 14th from 1-3pm, at the at the new Black Caucus Community Center, 2523 Read Street, Columbia, SC 29204. Agenda items and suggestions can be sent to The public is invited to attend. To carpool from the Upstate, call 1-877-282-2236 toll free or write